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Floral Design

Our floral designs are customized – unique and individual, just like the people receiving them. 

When you place an order, we’ll ask about the receiving party – what colors do they like, do they have a favorite flower, do they have hobbies? This type of information helps us understand the person, and we feel like we get to know them while creating the floral bouquet. 


We design with seasonal flowers. Why? You’ll have your most beautiful and long-lasting flower arrangement that way. 


We have learned so much about working with fresh flowers, and it is important to us to share what we’ve learned with our customers. Here are some tips regarding the seasonality of flowers.

Spring Floral Design

While we love our Upper Michigan winters, we are always ready when spring arrives. Spring has that wonderful feeling as the air changes and people’s moods are lifted with the days lengthening and getting warmer. Soft pastel colors to deeper shades mixed with bright greens give us a sense of spring’s hope that summer will be around the corner. We celebrate with the flowers that are special during the spring season like tulips and irises.

Summer Floral Design

Vibrant. Energy. Hot. Summertime gives a sense of freedom, fun, and relaxing in the sun. Flowers are in full bloom, and we are in our glory designing arrangements with beautiful peonies and happy daisies to name a few. There is a great energy during the summer months, and we embrace it, reflecting all those bright colors in our arrangements.

Fall Floral Design

Ahhh... Fall. Like spring bringing renewal, fall offers the promise of new beginnings as school starts, people go back to work, and untapped fall recipes. There is intention with planning for the upcoming busy months. We love the colors that fall brings us. Greens to rust, champagne pink to spicy hues, earthy tones and lets not forget those beautiful sunflowers . Can we just hit pause for a minute, have a glass of cider and relish in the crisper air and feel the leaves crunch underneath our feet?

Winter Floral Design

Let us celebrate with you. From warm drinks, curling up under blankets and watching the snow fall to festive parties and the merriment of toasting to another year, we love this winter season. The smell of woodsy pine and cedar get incorporated to the winter whites, greens and reds with our arrangements. Branches and berries, along with shimmer and shine add texture and a little bit of whimsy to our floral creations.

Floral Wire Services

Here at Linnea & Kristine, we do not accept third-party orders from floral wire services, and this is why: 

  1. A good portion of the sender’s budget goes to processing fees rather than to the arrangement, resulting in a smaller flower arrangement, unknown to the sender.

  2. Wire services make guarantees that they shouldn’t, simply because they do not know the true delivery zones or what flowers are on site.

  3. Information gets lost in translation, creating many issues. 


With the exception of weddings, funerals and large parties where all the floral displays are created at one time, it is difficult to replicate a design because we are working with what nature provides us.


We’ve embraced the beauty and imperfections of nature, and you should too. 

Call us to place your order – (906) 779-1963

We deliver to homes and businesses in Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Quinnesec. Delivery is also available to Norway, Spread Eagle, Florence and Niagara with an additional fuel surcharge fee. 

313 South Stephenson Avenue

(US Highway-2)

Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801

Tel: 906-779-1963

9 am to 3 pm Monday - Friday
9 am to 12 pm on Saturday

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